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No, it's not that Full House. What are you, some kind of ignorant yokel? This week we here at The Only Fancast packed our steamer trunks and sailed off into international waters. We crossed the shining seas and alighted on the shores of South Korea, where we found Full House Take 2, our new favorite show. We marveled at Man-ok's and Tae-ik's hairstyles and stood amazed as Kang-hwi proved to the world that he is, of all humans, most unqualified to own a cat. And, dear listeners, we even brought you back a souvenir. Here it is, our latest episode: Fullest House.

Show: Full House Take 2
Season 1, Episode 14: "Episode 7, Part 2"

Music: Drunkin Desert by LED

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May 18th, 2017

52 mins 46 secs

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